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7 Fun And Interesting Uses For Nail Polish

Nail polish is a great product to use to make your nails beautiful, but this isn’t the only use for nail lacquer. You can use your favorite colors of polish for other things as well. 

Nail Polish
Nail Polish

Give Your High Heels a New Look: You can give your high heels a new look by painting their soles with polish. Colored opaque polishes work best for this because they won’t reveal the true color of the soles. To prevent the polish from getting on your shoes, line them with scotch tape where the sole and shoe meet, much the same way you would protect your ceiling when painting your walls. Allow your shoes to dry before you apply a second coat of paint to them. Once dry, you can also remove the scotch tape.

Seal and Protect Envelopes: You can use clear nail lacquer to prevent addresses from smudging on envelopes. If you’re taking a letter, bill, or package out on a rainy or snowy day, put some clear polish over the recipient and sender addresses to keep them from smudging. You can also use clear polish to seal envelopes. Instead of licking the inside flaps of envelopes, brush clear polish on them before folding them over.

Make a Paperweight: Find a smooth rock or stone you’d like to use as a paperweight. Fill a pie plate with one-half inch of water. Put a drop of clear nail lacquer in the water, and allow it spread over its surface. Hold the rock or stone with your fingertips, and gently roll it around in the pie plate, ensuring all sides are coated with the polish. Allow the rock to dry completely on a newspaper before using it as a paperweight.

Secure Buttons: Over time, buttons on shirts, jackets, and pants loosen as the button’s thread frays. You can prevent this by putting a drop of clear polish on each button’s thread, which will keep it from fraying.

Mark Toxic Products: It can be easy to mix up toxic products with non-toxic ones if you keep them in the same cabinet. To prevent mix-ups, use red polish to put giant Xs on the labels and handles of toxic products.

Make Things Glow in the Dark: Have you ever been watching a movie in the dark, and go to turn up the volume, but instead you accidentally change the channel? Avoid such a problem by using luminescent polish to paint the buttons on your remote controls.

Differentiate Keys: Do you have many keys that look exactly alike on your keychain? Save yourself the trouble of having to try them all to find the key that opens your house door by painting the tops of your keys with different colors of polish. For instance, you can paint your house key blue, your garage door key red, and the key to your parent’s house green.

Nail polish isn’t just for making your nails look good. You can also use it for many other fun purposes.

Tanya Loo enjoys researching other fun uses for regular beauty products like nail polish and makeup brushes. She also enjoys shopping for cosmetics online and recommends Cosmetics Philippines for hard-to-get cult favorite brands with shipping to major Southeast Asian cities.

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7 Fun And Interesting Uses For Nail Polish