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IT is an area that is in high demand and therefore there are a lot of jobs in it. However, it is a skilled job and you will need to have some good qualifications in order to secure a role. There is a selection of different IT courses that you could choose from and it might be difficult knowing what to go for.

Top 5 IT Courses For A Successful Career

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IT Degree

An IT degree would be the best way into a company in a role as an IT graduate. Getting an accredited degree is even more important and something like software development, research or infrastructure would start at degree level. It may be expected that further study then be undertaken. It does change a lot and so it is important to make sure that the degree taken is up to date and will cover the subjects that you feel you will need the most.

It is worth considering whether a course that has a work placement element might be better as this may help to secure a job at the end, especially compared to graduates who have no work experience. Another option is to do an additional year to get a masters qualification which could stand you apart from other job applicants.

General Degree

A general degree could be enough to secure some IT positions. However, many are highly sought after and so those candidates with an IT courses may be more likely to be offered the position. It may also lead to a lower entry position to a specific IT degree.

Windows Or Oracle Certification

If you want to get a job working with Windows then it can be useful to get a specific Windows certification. These would normally not be taken at entry level, you would be expected to have computer knowledge or experience already. Having this sort of qualification can be a quick way to an IT career and so is well worth consideration, despite the fact that the courses can be very expensive.

Web Design Course

Web design is a specific IT skill that is very much in demand at the moment. It is something that many people will do as part of running their own business, although there are people that will employ those will web design skills as well.

ISEB Qualification

The Information Systems Examination Board are a professional body that offer examinations in systems analysis, design and project management. They offer training in classes, computer based or as part of distance courses. These qualifications can give specific skills that might prepare for certain roles.

The specific training that you decide to get may very much depend on the role that you want to go in to. It is worth looking carefully at the requirements of IT roles and decide which you want to do and then plan your training accordingly. If you do not plan well, you could end with a qualification that you do not make use of or wanting to be in a role that you are not properly qualified for.

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Suzanne Middleton is guidance counselor who blogs about education and it’s importance in society. On top of her Diploma in Psychology, she has a Diploma of Management and has worked in the HR department of various institutions.

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Top 5 IT Courses For A Successful Career

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