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We have all been there, standing in front of our wardrobe thinking that we have nothing to wear. You don’t need to constantly keep buying new clothes to ensure you have a fresh new look. Instead you can use accessories to freshen your look. Here are some top tips for using these accessories as part of your look.


Jewellery is a great way to brighten up your clothing. You can also really draw attention to your face with a lovely pair of earrings. There is so much variety out there and jewellery can look great with both casual and a more festive look.

If you are wearing neutral colour clothes with no prints or patterns you can add more detailed jewellery to your look. You can also add a touch of colour to your look by using brightly coloured jewellery.

When you are wearing patterns or brightly coloured clothes it is best to have more neutral jewellery as an accessory. For instance just add simple gold rings, bracelets and earrings. The key is to ensure that all your jewellery is matching and thus doesn’t create an imbalance in your look.


You can also change your outfit by just changing your shoes. There are great looking shoes available these days and by mixing them up with different outfits you can get a fresh look without spending a fortune.

Add a touch of brightness to your look by wearing brightly coloured shoes; the big trend currently is neon coloured shoes. These look great with a black office outfit for instance.

Shoes can also turn a more casual look into something glamorous. Get yourself a pair of great high heels that will add a little flair to a casual pair of jeans and a top.


Belts are a great way to accessorise your look into something different. The New Professional has great images that show how a single belt can transform your look.

With a belt you can show off your best body features as well as hide your problem areas. A single coloured kaftan for instance looks really fresh this season when you add a belt to the outfit.

Belts add colour to your look as well. A brightly coloured belt can really catch attention to your outfit and change your whole look. Make sure that you don’t add a belt to your outfit if your clothes are full of patterns or you are wearing lots of layers.


Summer season is especially great time to incorporate scarfs to your look. Scarfs can brighten your look and they are great for multiple purposes as well. They can bring you warmthif the weather gets worse during the day and bring you more coverage as well.

Scarfs are an essential part of Islamic clothing and you can find great scarfs from the Aab Collection. Add multi-coloured scarfs to freshen a neutral outfit. Bright colours like turquoise and orange are especially trendy this season.

Scarfs can also be used as belts and will look great if used for this purpose. You should also incorporate different pattern options into your outfit to create a funkier look.

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Top Tips For Using Accessories To Freshen Your Look

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