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August 17, 2012 – 6:29 pm | Views: 1621

Fan got a little over excited

Lady Gaga got abit of a shock after one very enthusiastic fan over stepped the line this week when he approached the singer for an autograph.

Lady Gaga Fan Hit By Bodyguards After Lunging At Singer, Did They Go Too Far?

Lady Gaga’s ensemble may have distracted most of you, but we’re too busy starin g at that adorable puppy. Is he part of the outfit or is he Lady G’s new pet pooch? August 12 2012 (WENN)

While appearing in Romania for a show, Gaga was walking through her hotel when an excited fan made the mistake of hurling himself to the singer for an autograph.

He didn’t see what was coming next… Gaga was saying hello to staff when she but flinched back when she saw the fan lunge at her with a pad and pen.

Before he could say anything the man was immediately restrained and taken down to the floor by one of her security guards.

Looking a little shocked by the incident Mother Monster was quickly escorted out of the hotel. His intentions might have been innocent, but his approach was all wrong and we’re sure that he won’t be trying that one again.

What do you think of what the bodyguards did? A little over the top?

Lady Gaga Bodyguard Attacks Fan:


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Lady Gaga Fan Hit By Bodyguards After Lunging At Singer, Did They Go Too Far?

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