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November 17, 2017 – 10:37 am | Views: 176

When the first wave of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna products was released and it contained only one lip product, the shimmery nude Gloss Bomb, fans immediately started wondering why the singer hadn’t included at least one red lipstick in the line up, since she’s such a fan of a matte scarlet lip herself?

Rihanna / Instagram

Rihanna / Instagram

But they got their answer last week when the she unveiled Stunna Lip Paint, the first matte lipstick from her beauty range, on Instagram.

Details had been scarce, but now Rihanna has spoken and we’ve got the intel on the long-awaited launched. Here’s what we know so far about Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint.

1. The shade

There’s only one shade (so far), called Uncensored. Described on the Fenty Beauty Instagram page as ‘for the bold side of us all,’ it’s a universal ‘true red’ that’s said to suit everyone. The perfect red is hard to get right, and it’s really hard to find YOUR red that works on your skin tone, said Rihanna in a statement, but if there’s one thing Fenty stands for it’s inclusivity and she reckons she’s cracked it.

Fenty beauty

Fenty beauty / (Fenty Beauty/PA)

2. The formula

A matte liquid lipstick, Stunna Lip Paint comes in a glass bottle with a rose gold lid and doe-foot applicator. In a video showing Rihanna applying the paint, the highly pigmented liquid formula glides on and dries to an opaque matte finish, with only one coat necessary. It’s meant to be extremely long-wearing as well, lasting up to 12 hours. I wanted a lipstick that wouldn’t budge, the singer said. Even as you eat, even as you make out.

3. The launch date

Stunna Lip Paint will launch in the UK next Thursday, November 23, at Harvey Nichols in store and online. There’s no word on the price yet, but we think it’ll be something similar to Gloss Bomb, which is £16.

4. The reaction

Fans are understandably very excited about the arrival of Stunna Lip Paint, with one Instagram user saying, This is a genius concept. Makes it easier for me to choose the right red cause there is only one. Love it. Many say they’re adding it to their Christmas wish lists, while the only complaint seems to be that Rihanna is determined to take all their money by releasing so many must-have products.

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Rihanna is launching her first red lipstick: what we know so far about Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

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