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April 9, 2013 – 11:10 am | Views: 622

Hurrah! Another Destiny’s Child collab but this time it’s a little bit different…

Kelly Rowland has announced her ex-bandmates and best buds superwoman Beyoncé and Michelle Williams feature on a track on her new album.

But Kelly is desperate for us all to know they are not Destiny’s Child – and are simply collaboration artists on Talk a Good Game.

They might be the only three members of the band singing together on an album, but in Kelly’s own words: “It’s not a Destiny’s Child track.

“It’s me featuring Beyoncé and Michelle.”

We repeat not Destiny’s Child. Ahem. Well at least everyone knows where they stand.

Kelly has made some bold solo strides since the band officially split in 2006 and she’s been pretty much nailing it ever since from her ‘Dilemma’ with Nelly, her charm on X-Factor all the way up to the recent kisses on her ladyparts.

But she still can’t give up making sweet music with her homegirls and after the mind blowing Superbowl performance of the decade, who can bloody blame her?

However Kelly is obviously keen to break free of her Destiny’s Child past and is finally laying down her own tracks. The new album Talk a Good Game she says:

“feels like everything I wanted to make as far as music and R&B. I wanted to make sure my roots were really pronounced on this album.”

We’re very much ready for that jelly.

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The power trio are back: Kelly Rowland teams up with Beyonce and Michelle on her new album

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