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The space inside the root of your tooth is known as the root canal. The pulp chamber is primarily contained in it. This pulp is comprised of nerves and blood vessels and is vulnerable to the attack of bacteria in case a decaying tooth is not attended. The bacteria make its way to the root through the tooth, infect the pulp and sometimes dissolve the jaw bone as well forming an acutely painful abscess.

Root Canals - tuberose.com

Root Canals – tuberose.com

The symptoms of root pulp infection are as follows:

  1. Bad taste in mouth
  2. Gums gone swelled
  3. Pain to bite
  4. Hot or cold food or drink bringing extreme sensitivity
  5. Severe pain and continuous throbbing

However, there are times when there will be no symptom at all. Whereas sometimes the pulp might even die due to an injury caused to the tooth. That is why the dentists Burwood have recommended regular check up in order to ensure that the teeth is infection-free and the dental caries are attended without a delay. The sooner the treatment is done the better will be the chances to save the tooth. Since it is the best way to take care of an infected tooth, one must know what root canal exactly is. Firstly the inside of the teeth is reached by using a standard drill and then a slower round drill id used to remove the decay which exposes the canals. Next, the infected contents are cleaned out using slim files. Later, the cleaning is continued with the help of bigger files, which also shape the canals.

The correct cone size is checked for in the canals and inside the canals rubber cones with a liquid sealant are placed. Further compact is done with the help of spreading instruments and the canal is sealed tightly. A heated instrument, which is also used to compact the cones into a more perfect fit, are used to remove the excessive bits of cone that stick out of the canals. Depending upon the need one or even more plates are placed, so that the core is retained and the tooth is strengthened. However, there are situations when the posts tend to weaken the tooth as the maximum number of canals contents are removed from the tooth.

The space is then filled by the light-cured resin, which comes as the follow up. When it is placed, it is a soft material, but when a bright light is shone upon it, it hardens. The teeth which are still quite week cannot handle harsh biting at this point of time. Preparing the top of the tooth and placing a crown upon it would be the best thing to do. Through the time, any kind of infection in the bottom chamber will disappear and the root will be saved at last.

When it comes to the root canal therapy, there are no major complications associated to it. However, tool breakage instances might have been common while the process was going on. The broken metal piece is normally left inside the tooth!

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Root Canal Therapy in Burwood: A Study

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