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Washington becomes 10th state to ban sale of assault weapons

Gov. Jay Inslee (Democrat) signed into law on Tuesday banning the sale, manufacture and distribution of more than 50 specific types of semi-automatic firearms.

Washington becomes 10th state to ban sale of assault weapons
Washington becomes 10th state to ban sale of assault weapons | Crédits :

In addition to these models, the ban applies to all semi-automatic rifles less than 30 inches in length and other semi-automatic rifles with features such as thumbhole stocks and additional hand he grips.

A new law that took effect soon made Washington state her 10th state to ban the sale of military firearms.

Officials across the country have been called on to crack down on AR-15s and other military rifles used in some of the deadliest mass shootings of the past decade.

This includes last year’s school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where 21 people died.

Washington’s ban doesn’t make it illegal to keep the guns they already own.

But that would discourage them from purchasing new weapons that fall under the definition of offensive weapons.

The law provides exceptions for military and police branches to purchase restricted firearms.

It is unacceptable in Washington state to do nothing about gun violence, Inslee said shortly before the bill was passed. He also noted opposition from the National Rifle Association, which is backing lawsuits in other states claiming such a ban is unconstitutional.

We are not threatened by the NRA, said Inslee.

Critics of the bill said it would punish law-abiding gun owners without addressing the underlying causes of gun violence, including those suffering from mental health crises.

Shortly after Inslee enacted the ban, the Firearms Policy Coalition and the Second Amendment Foundation filed a lawsuit to challenge it as unconstitutional.

Republicans widely opposed to the law have previously warned that Washington’s bill would face legal problems.

Gov. Inslee also signed legislation requiring people to undergo safety training and complete a 10-day waiting period before purchasing firearms. His third bill, which he signed, introduced reasonable controls to keep gun manufacturers out of the hands of minors, gun dealers, and people who shouldn’t have firearms. It makes it easier to sue gun manufacturers if you don’t. hands fall.

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Washington becomes 10th state to ban sale of assault weapons