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One of the main features of a smartphone is its ability to connect the user to the internet in an instant. You can access your email while you are on the train going to work, you can do your grocery shop online while you are waiting for your hairdressing appointment and you can download music and video whenever and wherever you want. But is this absolutely essential?

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Phones with Internet Access

It is now common for mobile phones to give you access to the Internet and there are very few handsets around that do not have this feature. When this first became part of a mobile phone it cost a lot of money to access the Internet but this is no longer the case. Most contract deals will give the user a reasonable amount of data access and some will even give unlimited access to emails, websites and social networking. You can then use this for all kinds of features online. However, do you really need it?

Mobile Security

One of the issues with using the Internet on the move is that it is considered to be far less secure than using it on a computer. If you have information such as passwords and other private information on the phone then it is at risk from hacking.

Ease of Use

It is also common for an internet connection via a smartphone to be unreliable. Depending upon where you are you may experience slow speeds and connection stoppages. Unless you buy one of the larger smartphones you will also be trying to use the internet with a very small screen and this can be uncomfortable.

Incompatible Websites

Large numbers of websites are still to embrace mobile technology which means that they are not really compatible with smartphones. This can make them very clunky to use and watch. However, this is something that is changing as more and more site owners realise the importance of a mobile version. A mobile version of a site makes it easier to use on the go, but it is still debatable as to whether it should be an essential part of your life.

Social Networking

Nowadays we are all busy with work so it can often be the case that keeping in touch is harder than it used to be. Being able to update your Facebook page while you are on the go can help to make it easier to communicate with friends and family. Apps can not only help to make life easier but can also be used to cut down on the amount of time on the internet. Use one of the social networking apps to update all your accounts at the same time to save you logging on to each one.

How Did We Ever Manage Before?

Having said all that, it is very easy to get through the day without feeling the need to log on to the internet while you are on your lunch break. We all managed perfectly well before smartphones came along.

Whether or not Internet on the move is essential depends on what you use it for and how dependent you become on it. It is now a fact of life and if you have a mobile phone you will more than likely have access to Internet services so it is worth finding out what they can do for you.

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