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So you’re ready to pop the big question? You’re ready to make the ultimate commitment to your partner and ask for their hand in marriage. Congratulations! Now the pressure’s on to pick the best engagement ring for your soon to be fiancée. However your pockets are not as deep as you would like them to be. No worries! An engagement ring doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! You may be worried that lower priced ring may look and feel cheap. Not necessarily so! With a little time and research, there are several places you can go in Gainesville, Florida to buy the best ring your money can buy.

Search through online ads

Craigslist and other online classified ad services are not only great for apartment and job hunting; it can also be used to find your perfect engagement ring. Many people are looking to get rid of their jewelry because they are looking for quick cash. Others are going through life changes like divorce and no longer need to hold onto something that represents an old relationship. But don’t look at that as bad luck for you! Their loss is your financial gain. If you are able to find something that you believe your partner will love, why not make the purchase?

Some words of caution: Not everyone who uses online classified ads is honest. They may tell you you’re getting a vintage diamond ring from the 1920’s when, in reality, it’s no more valuable than a prize from a Cracker Jack box. Be sure to ask for a certificate of authenticity or check with a jeweler to make sure it is what the seller claims it is.

Have you checked your local pawn shop?

Pawn shops have such a terrible reputation for being sleazy places where only desperate people hang around. This is a terrible misunderstanding. This Gainesville pawn shop appeals to all locals and visitors, many of whom are looking for loans or to make some quick cash by selling valuable items from home. In any pawn shop, much of the items for sale are from defaulted loans. Pawn shop owners want to sell their merchandise as quickly as possible so they can make room for new merchandise that comes in daily. This can equate to bargain prices for you. The prices on jewelry in pawn shops are often half the price of what you will find in retail stores.

Have some fun at the thrift store

There are many thrift stores in Gainesville, FL, some of whom may have a small selection of engagement rings that may suit your partner’s fancy. You may be able to alert store managers to what it is you are looking for. If something comes in, they may be able to contact you to come in and take a look.

Shopping for an engagement ring doesn’t need to be expensive. Resources like Gainesville pawn shops, thrift stores, and Craigslist can help you to find the perfect ring. The greatest benefit of these sources is that you will have a great story behind how you were able to find it.

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Avery Wilson loves to write, she also loves her soon to be husband. She made sure to tell him not to go aboard with engagement ring prices.

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How to buy a low priced engagement ring

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