P2P File Sharing: Is it Beneficial or is it Gutting out the Music Industry?

It may not only be music that P2P file sharing may be sharing but it’s the biggest to be affected by the technology. But setting aside the negativeness, there are just more in the file sharing industry that is overshadowed by the mentioned issues.

Introduction to the P2P File Sharing Trend

P2P is the peer to peer file sharing that distributes and shares digital documents and files. It makes use of peer to peer networking technology. The most common media files that get accessed through the network are books, music, films, games and photos.

The network works as a searcher that does the searching from a large network base and locates it for the person who searched for it. The process has been made easy and possible by the internet. It evolved from its inspiration, the Napster and further evolved into variety of choices today such as Torrents.

P2P may support one application but some may support a couple of it or multiple applications. A suitable P2P client application needs to be downloaded and installed. And voila, you are ready.

What Are Stuffs Shared

All things that are copyrighted aren’t allowed to be shared and downloaded in a file sharing network. But then some may just pass up the law, sometimes the rules and moderation are lax too, and still distribute medias. And nobody’s excused today, you have, at one time of your life if not a hundred times already has searched, looked and downloaded copies of copyrighted materials in P2P file sharing networks whether advertently or inadvertently.

Benefits of the P2P File Sharing

So setting aside the legal talks and other drawbacks, let us look at the genius of the networking.
P2P has been dubbed by many as the future of internet networking if fairly used. Much evolution will still be done in the future, and yes it still will stand strong. The following are the summary of the benefits:

1. Sharing becomes easy. No hassle found and you can do it at the comforts of your home.

2. IF you have done it right, the network can help businesses interact with people that are important in their business. And that is with time set aside.

3. Easy changes can be done. For businesses documents this can be an easy way to correct, revise and get quick fixes to documents from the other side of the world without flying to a different time zone.

4. It increases productivity. Because it doesn’t require physical presence, you can do other things, you can do the sharing in a matter of seconds and everything is done in a fast way.

5. The more demand of the system yet the lesser the risk of network crash. A single computer ca bug down but it won’t affect the network.

6. There is a limitless system of capacity.

7. It is easy to use and it is well integrated promoting more benefits to the clients.

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Some Disadvantages of the File Sharing

There are always disadvantages and some drawbacks, not everything is perfect right? So here are some to learn from:

1. Some may be teeming with viruses and spywares. Malwares and other root kits may also act as a bad thing to your computer.

2. Some illegal and pornographic stuff tends to be easily shared here. They find it easy than putting it up in a website.

3. Copyright laws are being violated. Music industry is proclaiming, such more rules have been imposed already and more lawsuits have been sampled.

4. It eats up bandwidth. And yes your bill later will show you why and how.

The P2P file sharing concept has reached this stage already aside from so many drawbacks in the past. In the near future more innovations will make it fool proof and will keep all the techie hanging for more. But if you are a user of the network, remember use it wisely and with a sense of accountability.

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P2P File Sharing: Is it Beneficial or is it Gutting out the Music Industry?