Obesity: New test could identify children at risk of obesity – and help parents take action to prevent it happening

The study in journal Diabetes found a blood test could enable families to change the lifestyles of their children before 

Obese schoolgirl loses SIX STONE to battle for Junior Olympics swimming gold

Breanna Bond shed the weight in just over a year and has now qualified for the Junior Olympic Games A 

Kids at obesity risk before going to school: Study

Obesity is a common problem especially in children in the United States. We often get the percentage and figures for 

Generation XXXL: Experts warn of £35bn child obesity ‘timebomb’ as parents overfeed kids

The problem is getting worse – one unidentified girl of 10 was found by horrified school staff to weigh just 

Doctors are told to get serious about obesity

ATLANTA (AP) — Next time you go for a checkup, don’t be surprised if your doctor gets on your case 

Study: Hefty tax on soda would reduce UK obesity

LONDON (AP) — Slapping a 20 percent tax on soda in Britain could cut the number of obese adults by 

Study: The right bacteria might help fight obesity

WASHINGTON (AP) — Call it a hidden ally: The right germs just might be able to help fight fat. Different 

U.S. obesity leveling off, but at high rate: report

(Reuters) – Obesity levels among adults appear to be holding steady across the United States, adding to recent evidence that 

C-sections tied to child obesity

(Reuters Health) – More babies born via cesarean section grow up to be heavy kids and teens than those delivered 

Recovering From Obesity-Related Health Challenges

Obesity is a growing problem in the United States, and if you find yourself a statistic, getting back on the 
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