Facing primary fight from Sanders, Clinton embraces Obama

Facing fresh campaign anxieties, Hillary Clinton is attaching herself to President Barack Obama, hoping to overcome liberal enthusiasm for Vermont 

Hillary Clinton’s Worst Week in Washington

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s e-mail problem just keeps getting worse. For the second straight week, the Democratic presidential frontrunner found the 

Hillary Clinton Lags in Engaging Grass-Roots Donors

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign has been slow to harness the fund-raising power of the Democratic Party’s legions of grass-roots 

Hillary Clinton has shifted left, but so have Americans

Amid discussion of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s move to the left in her presidential campaign, a new Gallup poll provides an 

“Hillary Clinton” May Not Need a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Jeb Bush has his famous last name as a calling card, for better or worse. But Scott Walker’s name does 

“Clinton Foundation” Cites Transparency After Donor List Questions

The Clinton Foundation says its disclosure of foreign donations is stronger than ever as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 

Martin O’Malley Criticizes Hillary Clinton for Flip-Flopping

He touted his own credentials on immigration and same-sex marriage. Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley had some sharp words Thursday 

China peeved as “Hillary Clinton” denounces women’s detention

(Reuters) – China called on other countries on Tuesday to respect its judicial sovereignty after U.S. former Secretary of State 

“Hillary Clinton” Sketches Campaign Messages in “Silicon Valley”

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — After weeks of relative quiet as she assembles a presidential campaign, Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday 

Barack Obama Sees ‘A Great President’ In Hillary Clinton: Main Quotes From Sunday Talk Show

President Barack Obama praised Hillary Clinton during an interview with ABC News on Sunday, saying that she would be “a 
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