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AMOLED Enlightening the Display Technology

With touchscreen and android phones making our lives easy, it’s now the turn of AMOLED to add something to the comfort quotient.


The AMOLED Technology

It is a display technology popularly used in mobile phones. The use of AMOLED in mobile phones was first introduced by the Samsung Technologies. Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode or AMOLED utilizes some components for its proper functioning.

The Components

  • It consists of OLED. OLED is Organic Light Emitting Diode or it can be better understood as a light emitting diode with an organic compound. The OLED when comes in contact with electric current emits light as response.


As, a result of which, this organic layer is provided with two electrodes. This criterion is used for display factors in television screens, mobile phones, hand help video games etc.


  • In order to control the amount of electrical disposition in each pixel of the OLED a layer of TFT is used. In other terms the OLED layer is placed over the TFT layer. TFT or Thin Film Transistor is obtained by placing a dielectric layer, a semiconductor layer and a metallic layer over a substrate base.

For each pixel of the OLED there are two TFTs to control the flow of electric current. One TFT helps to start and as well as stop the charging of the storage capacitor while the other TFT helps to provide a voltage source needed to provide constant current to the pixel.


The TFT layer is further attached to a substrate. In case of AMOLED two primary types of TFTS are used. One is the use of crystalline polysilicon consisting of silicon crystals and the other is non-crystalline amorphous silicon.


  • Thus, AMOLED is a matrix form of collected and placed together cathode layer followed by the organic LED layer. This combination further stacked upon TFT layer and a substrate.


  • The touch screen posses TFT LCD technology. TFT LCD means, Thin Film Transistor Light Emitting Diode.


  • As, we know in touchscreen technology touch sensation is felt by either the impulse of electric current generated or amount of depletion in electric field.


  • The TFT LCD doesn’t have any light of its own, it utilizes back light source.


  • To overcome this limitation the AMOLED utilizes OLED. As, already stated above the OLED consists of an organic layer. This organic layer is capable of generating light of its own.


Some Marketing Terms Related to AMOLED Mobile Phone Technology

Super AMOLED Plus

It was introduced by the brand Samsung through its Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Droid Charge smartphones. These smartphones have great amount of subpixels. As a result of which they give sharper and less grainy image.


This term was introduced by Samsung when it first introduced the AMOLED technology in the mobile phones. They made it clear to the users that in AMOLED mobile phones the touch detectors are present and included within the screen rather than placing it over the screen.

Super AMOLED Advanced

It is a term used by Motorola, to promote their phones providing better display images than Super AMOLED phones.

There are many more marketing terms apart from the ones mentioned. The other terms can also be taken into consideration by interested individuals for more detailed information regarding the availability of AMOLED phones like HD Super AMOLED, Full HD Super AMOLED etc.

Description– the AMOLED technology brought developed version of display images. It utilizes the OLED technology for overcoming the technological drawbacks. It improved service has made it popular among the users.

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AMOLED Enlightening the Display Technology