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November 14, 2018 – 9:03 am | Views: 166

Ford and Walmart are teaming up to test a self-driving grocery delivery service.


Walmart | AP Photo/ Alan Diaz

The pilot program in Miami-Dade County will use Postmates as its delivery partner to bring items such as groceries, diapers, pet food and other items to customers. The vehicles used will collect data about consumer preferences to help the companies understand what items people want. Ford said Wednesday that it’ll also look at different vehicle configurations or modifications that may be needed to accommodate orders such as perishable goods, or when a vehicle is making multiple deliveries on a single trip.

Ford will work with Walmart over the next couple months to determine what goods it can feasibly transport and figure out any issues that may need to be addressed to successfully deliver orders via self-driving vehicles.

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Article from: apnews.com


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Ford, Walmart test self-driving grocery delivery service

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