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Rose is one of the most popular flowers worldwide because of its elegant beauty and its soothing fragrance. Roses are considered to ancient symbols of love and beauty. In today’s era, a new trend is continuing to rise in the market especially in the perfume industry. That is the production of rose oil, a fragrant essential oil obtained from roses and used chiefly in perfumery and in flavoring. The rose oil’s aroma which is divinely sweet, rich, and deeply floral has a wealth of health benefits, both physiological and psychological. However, It takes approximately 60,000 roses to produce one ounce of pure rose oil or 2 ½ dozen roses for just one drop

The benefits of rose oil

The benefits of rose oil

Here are some of the health benefits of the rose oil. In the 17th century the boom of modern healing through rose oil extraction began because of what the English physician Nicholas Culpeper stated in his writings. Culpeper described that the rose oil strengthen the heart as it gives off cooling and astringent aroma. Also, its benefits vary, from improving circulation, strengthening the immune system, and assisting the body in healing itself. Not only that, it is also a helpful remedy for headaches and tired eyes. In addition, it is also use as medicine for a variety of skin complaints.

In psychological benefits, rose oil is a great cure for people who have emotional wounds or broken hearts. Rose oil calms and supports the heart center, inspiring a sense of happiness and well-being. When someone encounters heavy depression due to rejection and a loss of someone or something important which could develop into one’s disability to love and nurture, the rose oils can bring sweet and gentle comfort and allow an emotional ‘re-opening’.

The most common type of rose that is used to produced rose oil for aromatherapy is the Bulgarian Damask rose, or Rosa Damacena. There are two forms of such rose oil, the “otto” or the essential oil and the absolute. The essential oil is made up in a two step steam-distillation process; the first distillation yields an essential oil and a large amount of ‘rose water’. The water is again distilled, producing oil which is combined with that from the first distillation. Meanwhile, the absolute oil is obtained from method called solvent extraction or superficial carbon dioxide extraction. However, the absolute oil is often mainly used for perfumery.

On one hand, there are a lot of ways to enjoy the benefits of rose oil since rose oils are valued on many different levels, from its elegant and aromatic beauty, to its physiological healing and emotional uplifting. True rose oil, with divinely sweet and deeply floral aroma is profoundly appreciated through time ever since the start of its production. Go online for more pure essential oils today.

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The benefits of rose oil

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