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How to Nail the Best SQL Server Database Comparison Tool in the Market

SQL server database

There are lots of database comparison tool in the market. The industry’s competitive air had clung to their products too. With somebody from the same business, we often find it difficult to choose what the best is and what tool will really give the run for our money. Reviews can help us though in the process. We can even get inside blogs that do a thorough comparison between these tools. Now, where do we get the best SQL server database comparison tools? They are anywhere in the internet but different tools may offer you the different standard.

What is the characteristic of a quality fitted comparison tool for SQL server database?

1. It allows you to really view all the differences in the compared database objects. All as in all. Can be from different servers or on single server.
2. Executes an automatic produced script to coordinate configuration of SQL Server databases and remove all or select discrepancy.
3. It should have the ability to automate SQL server database schema comparison and synch task or can be done manually to if one opt for it.
4. It should be able to work with several projects at the same time.
5. Must classify SQL server comparison parameters
6. Can print discrepancy reports. Can be customized.
7. Can alter revision scripts. Then save them with all the parameters.
8. Should be user friendly. May involve graphics. (Keep consumers giving good reviews?)
9. Thrift in time and in money. That’s the best thing of all.

How do you compare these comparing tools for SQL server database for good measure?

Now, if undecided between two SQL comparing tools for your server you can pit them together by doing the following:

1. Create a copy of your own database. Make some intentional changes to its structure, codes, indexes and data.
2. Use the tools you have in order to compare the between you original and the doctored one.
3. Now get to those changes you made. Had the tools you deploy manage to discover and synchronize it? If yes, be happy you got both tools at the right place.
4. Now, can the both tools that you use re compare databases after the synchronization? It’s double checking their capabilities to detect miniscule changes the second time around.
5. So if they both detected the same changes, which one finished first? How fast did it do its job?
6. If still undecided, ask if these tools have the SQL server backup.
7. Does it offer support for command line interactions? If it does, you get the run for your money. It’s a feature that is worth a lot.
8. Which is cost effective yet offers the same quality options?

If you get in the end of that number and made a decision, it means you found your way through the maze of making sure your got the perfect SQL server database comparison tool. Be a nobody’s fool, do your own test too.

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How to Nail the Best SQL Server Database Comparison Tool in the Market

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