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Humanity has used soap for millennia and we know it’s important, but we rarely ask how they work.

How Soap Cleans

There is no doubt that few people ever question how soap cleans. From the time of birth to death, soap plays a crucial role in human life. As a child, the reminder to always wash hands with soap to kill germs is ever present in our minds. But none of us really stops to question how the whole thing works. Well, here is a summary of how soap works to kill germs and clean.
The workings of soaps is etched in a field most people take little interest in—molecular chemistry. The whole process seems rather scientific, but here is a simplified version of all that happens when you lather your hand or other body parts with soap.
Soaps are basically made up of molecules that do all the hard work. When washing your hand using soap and water, the soap molecules kick into action. Basically, if you wash your hands with water alone, most of the dirt is generally eliminated. Dirt, for instance dust, is water soluble.

However, not all dirt can be eliminated by plain water, for instance grease and oil.

These two are amongst a range of other forms of dirt that aren’t water soluble. This is where a good soap brand comes in handy! To eliminate the grease or oil, soap molecules basically help water and oil molecules connect. Soaps can do this because they have a unique chemical composition.
The chemical and electrical properties of soap molecules allow them to stick to both water and grease or oil molecules and float away with them. The result is what you see as a clean hand. Writing the chemical process here would only add to the confusion!

Why Find the Right Soap?

Finding the right soap brand is important for a number of reasons. Not all soaps are optimized for proper use that doesn’t affect human health. In other words, some soaps wash away even essential, natural body oils leaving users with a dry skin. Natural body oils play an important role in keeping the skin supple and soft.

A dry skin is perfect recipe for a number of skin complications. Some manufacturers have perfected manufacturing processes that produce quality soap.
The best soaps will simply wash away the dirt and cause no dry skin. This is achieved by adding certain essential body oils to soaps. When you clean your hands or face, the soap’s oils replace that lost from the skin. Naturally, most soap making materials have glycerol, an essential ingredient in keeping the skin healthy. However, manufacturers remove the glycerol for other purposes.
Today soaps are virtually available everywhere! Commercial soaps are everywhere you turn! But not every soap brand out there is perfect for your skin. It is always important to research a little on a soap brand before buying. Some people are sensitive to certain types of soaps.

Understanding what you are buying is essential in keeping healthy. Alternatively, you can explore one of the many options for preparing your own soap at home.

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How Does Soap Work?

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