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January 25, 2013 – 6:11 pm | Views: 1241

The teen is still grieving her mother who died almost a year ago

Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy has revealed her fears for her granddaughter Bobbi Kristina, who she says “isn’t handling” her mother’s death well.

Whitney Houston's Mother Admits Bobbi Kristina's 'Not Handling' Death

Bobbi Kristina is still grieving Whitney’s death a year later (D. Salters/WENN)

‘Saving All My Love’ singer Whitney died on February 11, 2011 after accidentally drowning in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. A coroner ruled her death was complicated by drug use and heart disease.

Cissy, the singer’s mother, has published a memoir sharing memories of her famous daughter while clearing up all the rumours about her lifestyle.

Whitney famously dealt with drug addiction and alcohol abuse throughout most of her adult life, which only spiralled out of control when she married New Edition singer and Bobbi Kristina’s father Bobby Brown. Cissy says she’s keeping a watchful eye on Bobbi to make sure she doesn’t self-destruct.

“Of course I worry about her. Bobbi Kristina is 19 and if you know anything about a 19-year-old, they think they know it all,” Cissy writes in Remembering Whitney.

“It doesn’t mean that she is going to follow her [mother’s] same path. She could but anybody could. I don’t want to jinx her. I’m trying to make sure she doesn’t.”

In 2005, Whitney entered a rehab facilitation unit to combat her substance abuse problems and took a young Bobbi Kristina with her. While some may have frowned upon her decision to bring her daughter to rehab, Cissy says Whitney simply wanted Bobbi to understand what she was going through.

“I think Nippy wanted her to understand what she was struggling with,” Cissy continues.

“She wanted to explain it to her, maybe so Krissi wouldn’t wander down the same path herself when her time came.”

Cissy resides in her hometown of New Jersey while Bobbi Kristina is still living in the home she shared with Whitney in Atlanta. The gospel singer, 79, says she doesn’t have much contact with Bobbi and constantly worries about how she is dealing with the death.

“She’s a typical young girl. Nobody calls their grandmother. [But] I’m here if she needs anything,” Cissy writes. “I think she’d make a really good actress. Singer, I don’t know.”

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Whitney Houston’s Mother Admits Bobbi Kristina’s ‘Not Handling’ Death

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