Turnipseed for State Rep!

MAY 21, 2023Do Betta Production continues the 2023 Juneteenth 101 Podcast and Lecture Series with a long overdue discussion about why WE should run for statewide and local offices to better represent and speak on behalf of our communities. WE shall begin this discussion with the campaign of Dr. C. Sade Turnipseed for Mississippi State Representative for District 31. This historically significant District is at the heart of the Delta, also known as “The Cotton Kingdom encompassing most of Sunflower County and parts of the outer laying communities of Washington, Bolivar, and Humphreys counties. The three main pillars of Turnipseed’s campaign centers on the legacy of Cotton Pickers who sharecropped throughout the American South; developing a Muppetland theme park for the youth; and a Historical Garden on the State Capitol grounds dedicated to the Reconstruction Legislators of Mississippi. Please join us Sunday, May 21, 2023 @ 5:00pm CST, (the free ZOOM access link is posted below). This is the Podcast where we discuss all things Juneteenth on a continuous weekly basis!

Turnipseed for State Rep

More about C. Sade Turnipseed, PhD, MBA, MS:

Dr. Cassie Sade Turnipseed has become well known in the state of Mississippi and beyond as a Public Historian (historic preservationist), who is continually conducting research on cultural narratives that serve to “define and create communities.” In her discovery of what defines the Delta through the Annual Sweat Equity Symposiums and lectures revealed are the significant social influences that created the world’s largest economy, evoking the most contemporary musical traditions, e.g., the “blues,” spirituals, country, jazz, soul, and hip-hop. Dr Turnipseed embraced a passion of “all things cotton” after relocating to Mississippi in 2006, to re-establish the Young Publisher’s Network, in Choctaw and Winston Counties. In 2009, she relocated to the Delta to re-establish the Cultural Arts department, as Director of Cultural Arts for Mississippi Action for Community Education (MACE) in Greenville, MS. Soon thereafter, the executives at the B.B.King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center recruited her to Indianola, where she became the inaugural Director of Education and Community Outreach.

Turnipseed is currently an Assistant professor of History at Jackson State University (JSU); and occasionally serves as an adjunct professor at Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU), where she mentors students to become Public Historians. Her true passion is her work with the youth. She often states, “If it doesn’t involve young people, it doesn’t involve me.” In essence, Turnipseed’s philosophical approach to life, teaching, and overall understanding emanates from the ancient African dictate … KNOW THYSELF!

The JUNETEENTH 101 Podcast Lecture Series is brought to you by “Do Betta’ Productions” and features freedom and emancipation subject matter historians, festival producers (NJOF members), youth advocates and scholars specializing in the fight for freedom, emancipation, and self-determination in America and around the world … “all things Juneteenth.” The hosts/producers: Dr. C. Sade Turnipseed, Assistant Professor of History at Jackson State University and Executive Director of KHAFRE, Inc.; Brother Kareem Muhammed, Chair of the Greenville Mississippi-based Local Organizing Committee; and resident scholar Dr. Delridge Hunter, executive member of TransArt, NY extend a special invitation to ALL who are interested in expanding and/or sharing their knowledge about American history and the global fight for African freedom and emancipation! “We especially welcome students who love history, to meet us in the ‘ZOOM ROOM’ every Sunday @ 5:00pm CST, to explore All Things Juneteenth!”

 Here is your free pass to the weekly JUNETEENTH 101 Podcast:

Meeting ID: 844 3083 4830 … DIAL-IN Only One Tap Mobile +13017158592, 84430834830#

“Do Betta Productions is bridging the gap to knowledge … that’s the Cotton-Pickin’ Truth!” Khafre, Inc. is a Mississippi Delta based 501 c3 not for profit organization and one of the sponsoring agents for the JUNETEENTH 101 Lecture Series … cuz’ when you know better you do betta!

For More Information Contact:

C. Sade Turnipseed—662.347.8198

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Turnipseed for State Rep!